The All Cal is one of the largest student run ski and snowboard trips in the US. Every year, hundreds of students from the University of California schools, including Davis, Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and Berkeley converge on one of North America's premier resorts for a week of skiing, snowboarding, parties and events. Aside from being an amazing trip, the All Cal is also a competition between the various schools, with several on and off mountain events. The winning school takes home the covenant All Cal Cup.

Founded in 1954, the All Cal began as a joint ski trip from three UC campuses to Lake Tahoe. For twenty years this tradition continued, with more schools joining the mix and around 250-400 participants each year.

In 1974 student Director Hal Levanthal opted to break the Tahoe tradition and bring the group to Aspen, Colorado. Seven U.C. clubs and a dozen state schools headed east to Aspen with over 1,350 participants. Overnight the All Cal became the largest ski trip in the country.

In 1979 events were added to the All Cal, and a competition for the All Cal Cup was formed. This year will mark the 29th time the trophy has been handed down to the winning clubs. More events were added over time... Broomball (1982), Thumper (1984), the costume contest (1985, now defunct) and Boat Race (1991). In more recent years Race the Mountain (1998) and Flip Cup (2004) have been added to the competition.

The largest All Cal occurred in 1980, with 1,610 UC students attending. Over the next dozen years attendance hovered around 1,000 participants until 1993, when the tripling of tuition fees and a weak California economy brought the number down to a low of 500 in 1998. Since then the attendance has rebounded to 700+ (including Berkeley) and the All Cal appears on-course over the next few years for a nice stretch. 

(Courtesy of All Cal Facebook Page )